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Creatiwittie School of Graphic Design & 3D Visualization allows you to start learning right now, through regular and online courses. All of our program courses are taught using Learn, Work & Earn training method in which the students LEARN the software, WORK on LIVE projects and also EARN. At the end of the course the students also get actual production work experience.


After going through a certain number of classes and reaching a level of quality, you will be given a chance to work on LIVE projects from our INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS. This will make you an EXPERIENCED DESIGNER with a lot of work EXPERIENCE of INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. After finishing the course you will have the experience to work for the industry.


When you work for our Clients for any project during your learning process, you will be given the remuneration for those particular project. In this way you get a back a large sum of money back which you spent for the course fees. At the end of your course, you get the Work Exerience plus the remuneration for the projects you worked.

About Us

A World Class Studio in India

We have been creating 3d visualisation material for more than eight years working with customers ranging from sole proprietors to some of the country's largest architects, contractors and developers. Our production teams are led by experienced project managers, supported by experienced modelers and visualisers with experience in architecture, interior design and graphic design. We use the latest technology and a project centric methodology, which ensures that we can deliver architectural 3d images and 3d photomontage images in a photo realistic finish for use in planning applications or for marketing material. Creattiwittie is a creative design agency that specializes in creating high quality 3d perspective views, 3d architectural renderings and animations, floor plans and walkthroughs. Creattiwittie with its head office in Kolkata, is a leading animation agency for new age Multimedia, manned by Creative heads. We are a company totally committed to creative works and Innovative ideas. The recognition received from leading companies is proof enough of our creative abilities. We offer customized deals and great value for money.


"I have been working with Studio Creatiwittie since 2008, I have done hundreds of renderings from architectural houses, commercial building and human body 3D renditions. Never once the team has failed to exceed my expectations. The renditions has always vowed me and my clients, wouldn't work with anyone else for the quality and the value this team provides."

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ILaunch Media Group LLC

Don't miss the opportunity to work with Studio Creatiwittie. I had to choose between 15 different proposals to achieve my project and at the end i understood the only company able to bring me satisfaction would be the one that opens to my requests. Studio Creatiwittie only answered precisely to my job description telling me they will put their creativity to serve the customers needs.

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Gregory Diamant

We are a Canadian based real estate sales and marketing company that has been working with Ashutosh and his team at Studio Creatiwittie for over three years.  We have done countless projects (50+) together. His service has always been exemplary and the final product consistent and predictable.  I strongly recommend his services for both quality and value.

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Jim Lanctôt

Studio Creatiwittie has always produced an amazing product, far surpassing any other rendering I have seen in my years.

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Robbie Booher
Saltwater Homes, Inc

Working with Studio Creatiwittie has been a great experience, even with difficult projects and very short timetables we had received quality jobs, so we feel with confidence working with a professional team that is partner of our success.

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Working with Ashutosh and his team has been a pleasure from day one. They always deliver a top quality product for a very reasonable price and manage to do so in a very short time frame over and over again. I highly recommend Studio Creatiwittie.

Kingfisher Creations

Hugo Obbens

I have worked with Studio Creatiwittie for many years and will continue the relationship for years to come. They are always on time, offer competitive pricing and great working partners. Most importantly they can covey the design we have in mind and also add their own artistic interpretation. They are highly skilled and very professional.

Melissa Morgan Designs

Patrick B

Studio Creatiwittie has been a absolute pleasure to work with. They have delivered the high quality renderings at a reasonable cost and on a tight schedule that we at Ole South Properties were looking for. We will continue to use Studio Creatiwittie for all of our rendering needs in the future.

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Joe Ada
Architectural Designer
Ole South Properties, Inc.